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Consultancy firm for hygiene and quality management 

HyQu strives to become one of the leading European consultancy firms in the field of hygiene and quality management. Many years of experience form the basis of our expertise, which you can rely on.
Quality linked with flexibility and clear structures, a perfected range of products as well as quick decision-making processes are the strengths of HyQu - today and in future.
Quality is our top customer priority and we ensure this in all our products, services and processes: from the very first quotation, to the production and logistics, and the after-sales service.
A constantly high product and consultancy quality is guaranteed through preventative quality planning, connected with closely graded quality inspections - from the provision of innovative disinfectants, to the consultancy process, and the final inspection. Only by having a command of the individual stages in a cooperative project can a consistently high level of quality be achieved - like here at HyQu.
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